Our Mission

What is the mission of Fifth Street?

“We are a family winning the world to Christ through worship, word and work.”(Acts 2:42 – 47)

Our Purpose is:

  • To Grow a Christian Family by
  • Winning the World to Christ by
  • Empowering people through the Worship of God
  • Equipping people in the Word of God to
  • Fulfill their calling in the Work of God.

The purpose statement above lists the 5 goals for the activity of our church.  These goals correspond to the way that we have been organized for service.

“Winning the World to Christ”

For purposes of our discussion let’s look at Evangelism first.  This is our commitment to outreach to our community.  These efforts include advertising, canvassing neighborhoods, community activities and the like, but the primary vehicle for reaching persons for Christ is our membership.  It is the responsibility of every member to invite others to church.  If each member would bring one guest to church our attendance would double each week.

“Empowering people through the Worship of God”

The second area we want to discuss is Worship.  This is our commitment to glorifying God.  Our target is the Crowd.  We do this through celebrative and relevant worship experiences.  When we glorify God we praise Him for who He is and thank Him for what He has done.  Let’s look at the organizational chart.

“To Grow a Christian Family”

The next area is Fellowship.  This is our commitment to mutual edification.  Through small group ministries and various ministry events we link people with similar interests and life experiences.  In this way we seek to encourage one another in our walk with the Lord.

“Equipping people in the Word of God”

The fourth area is Education.  This is our commitment to discipleship.  We have a number of ministries that are responsible for providing us opportunities for bible study and growth in the word.  But it is not enough for us to have an intellectual understanding of the word we are only helped if we apply the word.  That’s why this goal has to be realized through the application of the word, so that we might discover our spiritual gifts and use them for our personal growth and our collective development.  As the word says we use our gifts for the benefit of the body.

“To Fulfill their calling the Work of God”

The last area is Missions.  This is our commitment to the work of the Kingdom.  Through educational opportunities, community involvement and collaboration with service organizations we seek to bring the Kingdom to our community, our city, our state, nation and world.  Our internal organizations are established to facilitate our outside activities.  As you can see from our chart we are involved in a variety of activities.  But even more than this we must concentrate on each person who is committed to Kingdom activity so that they find their personal mission.  Each of us is a minister and each of us has a life mission to fulfill.  This area of ministry is our commitment to fulfilling our collective and individual promise in God’s service.